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Will digital paintings soon be etched in art lovers, acknowledged in museums?

KUALA  LUMPUR,  Nov 1 (Bernama)  — Will digital paintings soon be on par with traditional art in the country, capturing the heart of local connoisseurs of art, and be wholeheartedly acknowledged in our museums?

Many critics seem to place a certain degree of bias against digital art as compared to traditional art, with most people are under the impression that digital art is less impressive and may not really be considered art until it achieves similar acceptance and prestige.

However, an artist  from a small  picturesque town in the United  Kingdom recently made  history when she became the first British female artist to have a solo exhibition at the National Art Gallery, exhibiting both her digital and abstract paintings entitled, ‘Instinct and Experiences’, at the National Art Gallery here last month.

A total of 32 of Rachel Gray’s artworks were put on display.

Gray, 30, showed she could bring together traditional oil paintings and contemporary digital wildlife portraits in one place.

“If we talk about the acceptance of digital art among Malaysians, I do believe people now are more  accepting…which is a relief and wonderful to see. Some people do think that my work is just a photoshopped photograph and that I can make lots of short cuts to get to the completed portrait but this is not the case. It’s so much more than that,” she told Bernama here recently.

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